ABOUT | Our Mission


Earn to Learn empowers low- to moderate-income students to successfully complete college.

We accomplish this mission through an innovative, four-pillar approach to financial preparation for college, including:

  • Matched Savings Financial Assistance
  • Near-Peer Success Coaching
  • Financial Capability Education
  • Mentorship


We Envision a World Without
Barriers to Higher Education

A national, innovative approach to financial assistance is needed to increase post-secondary educational access and completion, especially for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds. And we know any successful approach relies on reduced borrowing initiatives considering the tremendous growth in national debt related to pursuing higher education. Therefore, we have adopted the following six goals in the quest to turn our vision into reality:

Goal I

Assure the most efficient & highest quality programs & service to students.

  • Student access
  • Student enrollment
  • First-year retention
  • Persistence
  • Graduation
  • Little to no student debt
  • Career readiness

Goal III

Develop a sustainable business model while meeting the needs of stakeholders.

  • Diversified funding mix: industry, foundations, public sector, individuals, earned revenue
  • Balanced budget
  • Clean audits
  • Healthy operating reserve

Goal II

Build organizational infrastructure to manage growth and ensure scalability and replicability.

  • Parameters for scalability
  • Standard operating procedures and robust training materials
  • ETLFL Personal Finance Training and Outcome Tracker platform
  • ETLFL staffing model
  • Efficiencies to enhance cost effectiveness
  • Internal and external communication strategies
  • Brand identity and recognition
  • Workforce development model

Goal IV

Increase engagement of key stakeholders to meet the mission.

  • Attraction, retention, engagement and support of the best talent
  • Board engagement
  • Advisory Council creation
  • Strengthening and retention of robust partnerships
  • Recruitment of ETLFL advocates and mentors


The success of Earn to Learn depends on our ability to support our scholars by living and instilling these core values: