ABOUT | Our Mission


Earn to Learn empowers low- to moderate-income students to successfully complete college.

We accomplish this mission through an innovative, four-pillar approach to financial preparation for college, including:

  • Matched Savings Financial Assistance
  • Near-Peer Success Coaching
  • Financial Capability Education
  • Mentorship

Goal I

Assure the most efficient & highest quality programs & service to students.

  • Student access
  • Student enrollment
  • First-year retention
  • Persistence
  • Graduation
  • Little to no student debt
  • Career readiness

Goal III

Develop a sustainable business model while meeting the needs of stakeholders.

  • Diversified funding mix: industry, foundations, public sector, individuals, earned revenue
  • Balanced budget
  • Clean audits
  • Healthy operating reserve

Goal II

Build organizational infrastructure to manage growth and ensure scalability and replicability.

  • Parameters for scalability
  • Standard operating procedures and robust training materials
  • ETLFL Personal Finance Training and Outcome Tracker platform
  • ETLFL staffing model
  • Efficiencies to enhance cost effectiveness
  • Internal and external communication strategies
  • Brand identity and recognition
  • Workforce development model

Goal IV

Increase engagement of key stakeholders to meet the mission.

  • Attraction, retention, engagement and support of the best talent
  • Board engagement
  • Advisory Council creation
  • Strengthening and retention of robust partnerships
  • Recruitment of ETLFL advocates and mentors


The success of Earn to Learn depends on our ability to support our scholars by living and instilling these core values: