At the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida, we work to create change that empowers women and girls by educating community leaders and elected officials about the issues affecting women and children in Florida. Thank you for adding your powerful voice as an advocate for women and girls.

Did you know?

  • Fewer than 1 in 5 women over age 25 in Southwest Florida have earned a bachelor’s degree.
  • Florida ranks 50th in the United States for share of women aged 16-64 with health insurance.
  • The number of women owned business are increasing, but their economic clout remains stagnant.
  • Our Goal

    We Elevate Women and Girls by Investing in Programs that Educate, Boost Security and Entrepreneurship, and Advocate from a Woman’s Perspective.

    The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida is making an impact through our research, education, advocacy and grant making. Our most recent research – Status of Women in Florida by County: Poverty & Opportunity – provides statewide and county level data to inform public policy decisions. Review our current Policy Advocacy Consensus Agenda adopted by our Board of Directors January 2017.