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The Three Things That Get In The Way Of Starting, Growing and Succeeding In Business

the three things that get in the way of starting, growing and succeeding in business


Today we’ll discuss the three things that get in the way of starting, growing, and succeding, in business. Those three things are fear, worry, and stress. Below are some tips on how to manage these emotions.

  1. Know where the fear, worry, and stress are coming from
    That voice in your brain that manages your fears and anxieties is part of the ancient, evolutionary, defense mechanism. Your bran is simply trying to protect you and keep you comfortable. Don’t let the prehistoric part of your brain take control over you. Make sure that you are the one making informed decisions about your life
  2. Do your homework and get the facts
    So many times we get worried and afraid because we’re skipping ahead. Because we’re guessing “Well if I can’t get a customer then I’m never going to make money. If I don’t make money, then I can’t pay the rent. If I can’t pay the rent then I’m gonna be living in a box under a bridge”. We swirl ahead, but if we employ a strategy where we do the homework we can break that cycle. Don’t get blocked because you think you know the facts. Get the facts!
    Does your fear revolve around not having money to start a business?  Many people often talk themselves out of good ideas, good business ventures, and even good career choices because they’re guessing about their money.  Make a budget, write down on paper what it costs you to live, how much do you make, how much are your bills, how much do you have saved?  Write it down to have it in front of you so you can get the facts about your money.

3. Turn your fear into excitement (turn your fear into something positive instead of focusing on the negative)
When you feel the fear overwhelming you before an event, before a phone call, etc., take a deep breath and focus on the positive in the current situation to turn your fear into excitement. If you’re excited about what you do, that will help get over the stress and worry and your fear will turn into confidence. People can feel that!

Remember that every time you start something new or do something that is out of your normal everyday routine, you are going to experience some level of fear, worry, and stress. That is the ancient part of your brain trying to keep you safe to continue doing the things that you’re already comfortable doing.


7 Hashtags That Inspired Feminist Debates

7 Hashtags That Inspired Feminist Debates

Throughout the last decade Twitter has become critical in leading social activism driving change in the world in remarkable ways. Twitter introduced and popularized the use of # hashtags. As activist started using hashtags to group their messages, they soon became known as “hashtivists”.

The boost in awareness and the way feminism is discussed today is largely influenced by the use of hashtags, and the large, open platform provided by Twitter and other social media networks. Worldwide, users have embraced social media to spread their message and advocate for action. In the process, they have built a large following who in-turn empowered other women to engage and speak about the issues that matter most to them.

Unfortunately, some people demonize feminists and feminism. But the movement has persisted and the activists have addressed issues such as rape, beauty standards, desexualizing women’s bodies, fighting sexism, empowering female entrepreneurship and advocating for equality.


It’s International Women’s Day. Here’s How We’re Pledging for Parity #IWD2016

It's International Women's Day. Here's How We're Pledging for Parity #IWD2016

Women around the world are main contributors to to social, economic, cultural and political achievement. We have made countless strides in the past years towards achieving equality. However, it is predicted that:

  • Global gender party will not be achieved until 2095
  • The gender gap will not close until the year 2133.

This is why we celebrate International Women’s Day #IWD2016 – To #Pledgeforparity and commit to taking concrete steps to help achieve the worldwide goal of gender parity.

We are pledging for parity by:

  • Providing local women entrepreneurs with the funds they need to grow their business
  • Investing in causes that benefit local women and girls
  • Advocating for laws and policies that protect women

You can help too!

Make a pledge to take a concrete step to help achieve gender parity –

  • Call for gender balanced leadership
  • Empower women and girls with the tools they need to achieve their ambitions.
  • Promote a culture of acceptance, free of gender biases.
  • Become a leader within your sphere of influence and commit to taking action to promote gender parity.

Tell us how you plan to pledge for party by using the hashtags #Pledgeforparity #IWD2016

To celebrate, check out this fun compilation of quotes by powerful women who dared to make their own destiny!