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7 Hashtags That Inspired Feminist Debates

7 Hashtags That Inspired Feminist Debates

Throughout the last decade Twitter has become critical in leading social activism driving change in the world in remarkable ways. Twitter introduced and popularized the use of # hashtags. As activist started using hashtags to group their messages, they soon became known as “hashtivists”.

The boost in awareness and the way feminism is discussed today is largely influenced by the use of hashtags, and the large, open platform provided by Twitter and other social media networks. Worldwide, users have embraced social media to spread their message and advocate for action. In the process, they have built a large following who in-turn empowered other women to engage and speak about the issues that matter most to them.

Unfortunately, some people demonize feminists and feminism. But the movement has persisted and the activists have addressed issues such as rape, beauty standards, desexualizing women’s bodies, fighting sexism, empowering female entrepreneurship and advocating for equality.