Florida ranks 44th in the nation when it comes to offering services that provide mental health access. The demand for affordable mental health services in our area continues to grow, and there aren’t enough places in the community to meet the need. FGCU plans to address this need with a new mental health facility and counseling center which will open next year. One of our Earn to Learn FL ™ supporters; FGCU Associate Dean Dr. Alise Bartley, was the person who laid the groundwork for the center.

The thing that’s going to make us unique is that we’re not going to accept insurance. Our fee is going to be $25 or whatever you make an hour, whichever is less.” Says, Dr. Alise Bartley

The new mental health facility will provide access to underserved communities, children and families at little to no cost. Watch the story below to learn more about the project. http://www.abc-7.com/story/39367438/fgcu-to-open-counseling-center-next-year