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Earn to Learn FL™ Empowers Low to Moderate Income Students To Successfully Complete College


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Earn to Learn FL™
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Earn to Learn FL™ helps low-to-moderate income students earn a higher education with little or no student debt. It’s a simple formula that combines mandatory student savings with financial aid, required financial literacy training, and success coaching.

The result: students become investors in their own future, breaking the cycle of limited family income and improving their earning potential. Earn to Learn FL is modeled after the remarkable results achieved in Arizona with a freshman retention rate of 90% and a college persistence rate of 95%, compared to 79% nationally.

The cost of education is a root cause of Florida’s workforce development problem. Many students cannot afford the debt that has become the downside to pursuing education. Earn to Learn FL will ensure that more students graduate, as well as provide access to higher education and career training to those from diverse economic backgrounds who now consider higher education beyond their reach.

Enlisting students as investors in their college education gives them a stake in their success. We empower them with financial literacy to ensure they can navigate their personal financial responsibility and improve their economic mobility. It is a groundbreaking approach with 
remarkable results.