Invest in Students

Earn To Learn FL™ Empowers Low- To Moderate-Income Students To Successfully Complete College

Janet Del Valle

“Earn to Learn FL™ has blessed me so much, as my family faces a significant deal of financial burden and emotional stress, and the program has allowed me to become a first-generation college student.”

Zoey Smith

“I moved to Florida with barely enough money for my first semester of college. I didn’t know if I would have to take time off or take out loans. But thanks to Earn to Learn FL™, I’m on track to graduate on time and have zero debt.”

Adam Scigliano

“Earn to LearnFL™ has helped me overcome my challenges by giving me hope: hope that I won’t graduate drowning in debt, and hope that
college is a realistic goal for me, despite the financial circumstances I came from”

YOU can help Florida students graduate on time, career ready and debt free. With your donation Earn to Learn FL™ will assure that more students graduate, as well as provide access to higher education and career training to those from diverse economic backgrounds who now consider higher education beyond their reach.

Yuzellie Garcia

“The Earn to Learn FL™ experience has been
amazing; it’s so easy. The application was very fast. The lengthiest thing was the Financial Literacy course, but that was helpful. It wasn’t something that you would dread to do. The Women’s Foundation worked with me and my circumstances”

Maria Aguilar

​Because of my family’s economic
position, there has always been a lack of financial knowledge. I cannot thank this program enough for working with me and giving me the opportunity to become proficient in my financial skills.”

Bianca Plata

​“My dream job is to become a PA and provide my services to a low-income community like the one I grew up in. I want to help people who have a hard time receiving medical care due to financial hardships, legal residency concerns, or a language barrier.”