Earn to Learn Florida (ETLF), a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to empower income-challenged students to complete college, announced that Nichole Allen has been named Matched Savings for Education program coordinator.

 “Students and their families who income-qualify may be eligible to deposit up to $500 into an Earn to Learn FL savings account each year,” said Brenda Tate, CEO of Earn to Learn FL. “Their savings are then matched 8:1 by ETLF. This brings their total available funds for financial assistance up to $4,500 per academic year. The funds are used for tuition, books, fees, and other approved educational-related expenses. Earn to Learn FL, in partnership with Florida Prepaid College Foundation, purchases STARS contracts to double the impact of non-government funds available for financial assistance at the 8:1 ratio.”

Nichole has a strong background in business management and a passion for helping others,” said Tate.  “She leads our Matched Savings for Education program by supporting  Earn to Learn leadership and program management in program execution, assisting in the administration of the Matched Savings Program, and providing frontline interaction and service for Matched Savings student applicants and participants.”

“By combining student savings with the support of financial literacy training, academic and career coaching, and financial aid, low- to moderate-income students will be prepared for success in both the short and long term,” said Allen. “We are confident that an investment in these students’ academic success will have long-lasting effects on their careers and the rest of their lives.”

Allen joined ETLF in December 2020 as a program assistant and development associate.  She has a Bachelor of Arts of Applied Science in Management from Peru State College in Nebraska and 18 years of business management experience.   Allen is enthusiastic about supporting low-income youth and helping them reach their secondary education goals.  

Earn to Learn FL empowers low-to-moderate income students in Florida to earn college degrees and professional certifications with little or no debt through matched savings, personalized financial capability training, and success coaching. In addition, eligible students who establish a habit of saving for higher education can receive matching funds for financial assistance provided by Earn to Learn FL supporters committed to enhancing workforce development and the economic well-being of Florida communities. For more information, please visit EarntoLearnFL.org or email Brenda Tate at Brenda@EarntoLearnFL.org.