PROGRAMS | Matched Savings For Education

Matched Savings Program

Students and their families who income-qualify may be eligible to deposit up to $500 into an Earn to Learn FL savings account each year. Their savings are then matched 8:1 by Earn to Learn FL. This brings their total available funds for financial assistance up to $4,500 per academic year. The funds are used for tuition, books, fees and other approved educational related expenses. Earn to Learn FL, in partnership with Florida Prepaid College Foundation, purchases STARS contracts to double the impact of non-government funds available for financial assistance at the 8:1 ratio.

The following infographic is an example and does not reflect all Earn to Learn FL awards:

Our experience and the experience of other Earn to Learn-type programs in the United States show that by combining student savings with the support of financial literacy training, academic and career coaching, and financial aid, low- to moderate-income students will be set up for success in both the short and long term. We are confident that an investment in these students’ academic success will have long-lasting effects on their careers and the rest of their lives.

Program Application Process

Complete the registration form​ to begin the process.

2. Personal Finance Training

Access to begin online training will be provided after your complete registration form is received.

3. Enrollment Appointment

We will complete your application together to confirm eligibility.

4. Application Review

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive notification of approval.

5. Open your Earn to Learn FL™ Savings Account

Our financial institution partners provide an account with online banking convenience and charge no fees.

6. Start Saving!

Make monthly deposits until you meet your Earn to Learn FL™ savings goal.

Participant Minimum Requirements

To be eligible, you must meet all the following minimum requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Apply during 11th grade
  • Be enrolled at a public Florida high school
  • Earn a 3.0 high school GPA is pursuing a degree program
  • Earn a 2.5 high school GPA if pursuing a career and technical education certificate

Income Eligible

  • Earn to Learn FL™ may assess income at the household level by two methods: FAFSA Expected Family Contribution Scores (EFC) and comparing household income to our maximum income limits.
  • If you qualify based on your EFC score of 12,000 or less, your household size has already been determined by completing your FAFSA. If you qualify based on your household income, your household size is determined based on your tax return.
  • For more information on determining household size for students still listed as dependents on their parents’ tax return, on determining household size for independent students, or to determine dependency status follow this LINK.
  • If a student has not yet completed the FAFSA or does not know their EFC, they can get an estimate at the FAFSA4caster and use our guide to help complete the form.


  • Funding (based on availability) is offered for both US Citizens and non-citizen legal residents, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students.
  • Eligible students must have Florida residency and a valid Florida ID card, such as a driver’s license, learner’s permit, or state ID.