PROGRAMS | Matched Savings For Education

Matched Savings for Education Scholarships

We enlist students as Earners and learners in their own education.

  1. Students complete Personal Finance Training to help them improve their financial skills and knowledge.
  2. Students open a Florida 529 Savings Account and are encouraged to work towards a savings goal of $500 to pay for education expenses such as lodging, books, fees and other expenses.
  3. Eligible students who complete Personal Finance Training and open a 529 Savings Account become eligible to earn a 1-,2- or 4-year Florida Prepaid Tuition Scholarship.

Our experience demonstrates combining student savings, personal finance training, and scholarships will set up students for success in both the short and long term. We are confident that an investment in these students’ postsecondary success will have long-lasting effects on their careers and the rest of their lives. 

Program Application and Acceptance Process

1. Start Application Process

Complete the online pre-application form to begin the process. If eligible, you will automatically be directed to complete Personal Finance Training. 

2. Personal Finance Training

Complete Earn to Learn FL Personal Finance Training.  Students who successfully complete Personal Finance Training will be invited to complete the full application.  

3. Full Application

Once Personal Finance Training is complete you will continue to full application to confirm eligibility.

4. Application Review

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive notification of approval.

5. Near Peer Success Coach

Connect with you Near Peer Success Coach to Open your Florida 529 Savings Plan.  You make monthly deposits for at least six monthbefore your university or college enrollment to meet your savings goal.

6. Scholarship

Meet your Earn to Learn FL™ savings goal and receive your Earn to Learn FL™ Scholarship.

Student Minimum Requirements

To be eligible, you must meet all the following minimum requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Apply during 11th or 12th grade
  • Be enrolled at a public Florida high school
  • Earn a 3.0 high school GPA if pursuing a Florida state university degree program
  • Earn a 2.5 high school GPA if pursuing a Florida state career and technical education certificate or two-year associates degree

Income Eligible

  • Demonstration of eligibility (please provide ONE of the following with the student listed):
  • Documentation that the student (or family) receives benefits from one of the following programs, based on income:
  • a. *Free and Reduced lunch (based on income)
  • b. *SNAP, the student must be listed
  • c. *TANF, the student must be listed
  • d. *Medicaid, the student must be listed
  • e. *HUD – must not exceed the “Very Low Income” HUD Eligibility threshold
  • OR Filed IRS 1040 Tax Return, which lists the student as a dependent and demonstrates eligibility to participate in the program.
  • OR Proof that the student is in Foster Care.


  • Scholarships (based on availability) are available for both US citizens and resident aliens; a valid social security number is required.
  • Eligible students must have Florida residency and a valid Florida ID card, such as a driver’s license, learner’s permit, or state ID.