Women have made great strides in equality and social justice over the years. We live in a country where women have legal protections against discrimination – in the workplace, in the housing and credit markets, and in accessing education. Sadly, there are still segments of our culture that see nothing wrong with harassing and discriminating against women and girls, where women have less opportunity and status than men. It is vital to have the facts, to know where the actual problems are, and where to push for long-lasting change. That is why it is so important to have recent and accurate research – both locally and nationally.

The Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation is dedicated to being a valuable source of information on women’s topics for organizations and individuals. We collaborated with the Florida Women’s Funding Alliance, an affinity group of Florida Philanthropic Network, to plan, fund and commission the Status of Women in Florida by County project. The project produced a three part series of reports on Poverty & Opportunity, Employment & Earnings and Health & Well Being. Click on boxes below to learn more….

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Realizing that knowledge and understanding are key in addressing the needs of women, numerous organizations conduct research programs. The information they provide is crucial for working for equality and justice at the state, national and international levels.