A Florida 529 Savings Plan is a flexible, affordable, tax-free way to save for college. Saving a little at a time adds up to big college savings!

Earn to Learn FL’s mission is to empower income-challenged students to complete college. Our Matched Savings for Education scholars receive Near Peer Coaching, Personal Finance Training powered by LifeCents, and an opportunity to open a Florida 529 Savings Account.

We couple personal finance training with near peer coaching for college success. Earn to Learn FL scholars and their families will receive assistance opening their Florida 529 Saving Account and receive a match on the amount of money they save. Our Matched Savings for Education Scholars can save up to $500 into their newly opened Florida 529 Plan and have those dollars matched 8:1. This turns a $500 investment into $4,500. These funds – ETLFL Matched Savings for Education scholarship plus Florida 529 Savings Account – are used for tuition, books, fees, and other approved educational-related expenses.

Since 2016, hundreds of students have been income-qualified for Earn to Learn FL’s Matched Savings for Education program. Many of our scholars have graduated on time and debt-free. Our students, many of whom are the first in their families to graduate high school and attend college have excelled in college.

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