Transient students are students presently enrolled at one postsecondary institution while choosing to take a course at another college or university. The end goal is to take the course credits completed at the host institution back to the home institution. This is a strategy used by many students to advance their academic plan.

Prior to becoming a transient student, review the following information to ensure you are aware of the participation requirements and your responsibilities:

  • Transient students are non-degree seeking students. If you are seeking a degree program and ultimately postsecondary credentials from the host  institution, you are instead a transfer student.
  • Transient students enroll at the host institution for a finite period. Typically, the host institution will permit the guest student to register for a single semester at a time.
  • Await final approval of the transient student request prior to registering at the host institution. Both the home and host institution must approve your request.
  • If attending a state-funded institution in Florida, you may complete a transient form on the Florida Shines website .
  • Students attending out-of-state schools or private institutions in Florida, must contact the Registrar’s Office at their home institution to inquire about the transient student process.
  • Institutions often require their students complete a certain percentage of coursework at the home institution. Students must familiarize themselves with the school’s requirements to ensure all transient courses will apply to their degree completion plan.
  • Students are unable to receive federal student aid at two institutions simultaneously. Therefore, students are financially liable for courses taken at another institution and must pay the course fees at the host institution. Likewise, residency is determined by the residency status at the student’s home institution.
  • The desired course at the host institution may have prerequisites. Therefore, it is prudent to consult with an academic advisor and seek approval for registration.
  • Transient student enrollment is subject to the availability of faculty, space and facilities. Plan a semester ahead to secure a seat in the desired course.
  • Upon course completion at the host institution, students must ensure their transcripts are sent to their home institution.
  • Enrollment as a non-degree seeking transient student does not imply a right to future admission as a regular student.

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